Do You Own Gold?

For about a decade I’ve been advocating buying gold related securities (stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds). In fact, I suggested buying Newmont Mining (NEM) on my very first appearance on Fox News back in December 2002. I’ve been writing about the benefits of owning gold in my monthly newsletter “News and Views” almost since I started it in August 2003. I put my money where my mouth is as I have a reasonable percentage of my clients’ money in gold and we’ve done quite well over the past decade. The last nine months have been a bit of a struggle as the price has fallen in step with the increase in the value of the dollar. Many investors have fled the shiny metal. Not me. I’m convinced that the price of gold will rise again and reward those with faith and patience. An investment in gold is portfolio insurance and is a hedge against the ultimate debasement of fiat currency. The decade long bull market in gold is far from over.

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